Welcome! I am happy you are here and am thrilled to share some about who I am and how I practice therapy.

I created this blog as a means to offer up to my readers some helpful and interesting tidbits related to mental health and wellness. My hope is to offer up some knowledge that helps readers to make sense of their lived experiences and consequently to grow in self-compassion and foster compassion towards others in their lives.

My Focus

“At the core of my professional philosophy, I believe that therapy is both an experience and a relationship. It is through the felt experience of being truly seen and understood by another individual that we humans are able to gain insight and an altered sense of self.” –from my website

We all have life experiences that shape our sense of self and our expectations of the world. Sometimes those experiences leave parts of ourselves wounded and feeling unsafe. Oftentimes, those parts of ourselves that have helped us to survive and stay safe earlier in life can start to feel like frustrating obstacles. My goal is to help my readers and my clients to understand and feel more at peace with the various parts that make them whole. As we make that shift to understanding, we open up greater potential for personal growth and for self-compassion.

My interests as a therapist include:
healing trauma
fostering self-compassion
stabilizing self-image
building resilience against shame and self-doubt

The Basics

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies from Northwestern University, and I earned my Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. I have experience working with children, individuals and families in various mental health settings. I have worked with survivors of childhood trauma in a residential treatment setting and have worked with children in the foster care system, as well as with adoptive children and their families. In my spare time, I am an avid roller skater and an even more avid home chef. My approach to life is playful and creative, and I strive to bring that same mindset to my work as a therapist.